at Martinsson King


Green Salon approved.

The Vision: Green Salon is an independent non-profit NGO based in Denmark. Their goal is to stop the use of harmful chemicals in the production of cosmetic hair products. 

The Mission: Consumers and professionals alike need to be up to date with the latest environmental standards in hair care. Green Salon provides this information. They also promote products that are sustainable and practical in a salon setting.

The Method: Green Salon compiles and regularly updates a list of approved products on their Green List. They intend to give balanced information as to which chemicals can be harmful. (Carcinogenic, teratogenic, endocrine disrupting or highly allergenic substances are classified as “Prohibited”.) Theirs is an undertaking of epic proportions with many variants. Green Salon is tackling it one step at a time. Slowly but surely, the hair care industry will become a safe haven for all parties.

Our Place In This Fight: At Martinsson King we formulate all our products from scratch. This allows us to verify every ingredient for both safety and sustainability. Our focus lies on outstanding performance. Where possible, we select naturally derived over man-made components. Martinsson King products can be stripped down to entirely pure, toxin-free ingredients. Using the minimal number of ingredients necessary allows us to develop clean and reliable products. Hence, we deliver long lasting, impeccable results.

This is why Martinsson King has been recommended by Green Salon. We are very proud of this fact. For more information visit


Proudly vegan formulated.

Martinsson King is proudly vegan formulated. None of our products contain any animal products or any animal derived ingredients. We are passionate about the protection of nature and wildlife. We vehemently oppose animal cruelty. Thus, we continuously strive to maintain ethical responsibility in the production of our brand. Our mission is to live in harmony with animals while preserving the natural resources of our planet.

No “Green Washing”

We are opposed to misleading claims.

At Martinsson King we work directly with our chemists. This allows us to personally verify every ingredient for safety and sustainability. Our focus lies on performance and outstanding results. We reject any excessive or potentially toxic elements. We reject the use of any unnecessary ingredients purely for their marketing value. We meticulously list all the contents of our formulas for clarity and transparency on our website.

Made in Europe

We comply with EU regulations.

All Martinsson King Products are produced and packaged in the European Union. As such, they comply with all legislation regarding the production and distribution of cosmetic brands within EU markets and around the world.

Among the many regulations is a robust, internationally recognised framework for all manufactures. It ensures the highest level of consumer safety, environmental and animal protection standards. This includes a ban on animal testing in the development of cosmetic products.

Martinsson King also proudly supports and implements the EU Labour Law legislation. Its aim is to promote social progress and improve living and working conditions. Our formulas are produced to the highest standards in the EU. Our bottles are filled and packaged locally. This allows us to guarantee optimal quality for both our suppliers and retailers. It also provides us with more climate-friendly ways of transporting products to our primary markets.

For more information on EU regulations visit

Carbon Neutral

Our products are climate compensated.

Martinsson King has engaged with Carbon Footprint LTD. They track our emissions and advise us on sustainable ways to neutralize our carbon footprint.

Carbon Footprint is an independently run, non-profit organization. Their goal is to help companies who want to be sustainable in their business practices. First they audit our carbon emissions. Next, a vigorous 40 point plan is used to assess the emissions created during the production and distribution process of our products. This data is then used to calculate a sum of money to be used in neutralizing our environmental impact.

We have worked together with their team of environmental consultants, climate change engineers and scientists. As a result, we have reduced our emissions to what is absolutely necessary. We then compensate for these necessary emissions by paying into a fund that finances different environmental protection programs. For example, projects that combat global climate change, and caring programs for local communities.

To guarantee our compensation of these emissions, Martinsson King made a decision. We are paying 5 times the amount recommended by Carbon Footprint LTD into the offset fund.

Some of the recent offset projects funded include: