MK Limited Edition Giftbox #05 -
MK Limited Edition Giftbox #05 - MK Limited Edition Giftbox #05 -
951,00 kr497,00 kr
A unique limited edition gift box that we create together with exciting collaboration partners around the world!

Here we celebrate Swedish craftsmanship with a gift from our friend the silversmith Kristina Prybil.

Kristina has for Martinsson King created 5 unique necklaces in sterling silver formed as a heart. In the box is also a Martinsson King gift card worth 600 SEK.

The price for the whole box is only 625 SEK (full value is 1195 SEK)!

- Our beautiful gift box with magnetic lid, made to keep.
- Martinsson King gift card worth 600 SEK (valid online until December 31, 2021).
- 1 unique necklace from Kristina Prybil in sterling silver, formed as a heart, value 595 SEK.