conditioner 250 ml (8.4 fl.oz)
219,00 kr


Moisturising conditioner to leave your hair soft, flexible and hydrated without any residue.

Suitable for: Dry, damaged, curly or frizzy hair, split ends.

Soft and tangle-free: Moisturise and restore your hair without any heavy or greasy residue!

More flexibility and smoothness: Perfect for dehydrated hair types that need deep, real moisture.

Easy to apply: A firm, silky consistency helps you dose the perfect amount and spread it smoothly.

Light and fresh scent: Our signature fragrance combines subtle ingredients that make your hair smell clean all day. 

Colour protection: Preserves highlights and colour treatments from fading. Your precious tones will stay vibrant and alive.

Extension safe: This silicone-free formula protects and nurtures both your own hair and human hair extensions.


✔ Made in Sweden. 

✔ 100% vegan, sustainable ingredients.

✔ Recommended by Green Salon™️.

✔ 5x climate compensated through Carbon Footprint.

✔ 30 day change/refund guarantee.




Apply to wet hair, massage through and rinse. Can be blended in the palm of your hand with 2-4 pumps of your desired Martinsson King Infusion serum to boost the effect.


Uniquely blended from pure ingredients for Martinsson King in Grasse (France), our signature fragrance evokes the essence of sophisticated freshness that lingers lightly throughout the day, without interfering with your own scent.
Top notes: pink pepper / ginger / cardamom 
Middle notes: cedar wood / violet 
Base notes: white sandalwood / vanilla / frankincense

Cetyl AlcoholLong chain fatty alcohols for smoothing and moisturising.
Stearyl AlcoholA natural fatty alcohol derived coconut oil to soothe and soften.
Hydrogenated Starch HydrolysateNaturally derived hydrating starch
GlycerinNaturally sourced moisturiser for hair and scalp.
Shea Butter Ethyl EstersFor light, silky soft hair.
Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine Anti-static amine salt for conditioning.
Glyceryl StearateDerived from palm kernel
PhenoxyethanolAntimicrobial agent
Polyacrylamidopropyltrimonium ChlorideConditioning polymer.
Lactic AcidNaturally occurring organic acid for hydration and pH balance.
Behentrimonium ChlorideCationic conditioning agent.
Tetrasodium Glutamate DiacetateNaturally-derived, improves the efficacy of preservatives and antioxidants.
Polyquaternium-113Shields colour-treated hair for long lasting colour retention.
Isopropyl AlcoholStabiliser.
EthylhexylglycerinBoosts the efficacy of the preservatives to maintain a safe product.


Vital Cleanse shampoo shampoo 250 ml (8.4 fl.oz) MARTINSSON KING
219,00 kr
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Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews

Så bra balsam! Behövs inte mycket då schampot (essential cleanse) gör ett så bra jobb. Håret blir mjukt och lätt att borsta, och jag älskar doften!

Anna-Lena Dernestam

Bästa schampot

Marie Kindblad
Behagligt och drygt

Både schampo och balsam fungerar bra. En liten klick räcker och det är skönt att det inte luktar starkt. Har haft problem med klåda i hårbotten och det har blivit bättre om än inte helt bra.

Karin Granholm

Passar perfekt för mig. Helt lagom doft och känslan är underbar efter hår tvätt.

Gunilla Lindfors
Lätt och luftig volym

Dessa produkter, schampo och balsam har gjort underverk för mitt tunna, mjuka platta hår. Det blir både luftigt och fylligt och känns rent länge.Från att tidigare tvättat håret dagligen räcker det nu med var 3’e dag.